Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Do you want to enable breadcrumbs on the WordPress website? If your WordPress theme doesn’t have breadcrumbs by default, then you need to enable breadcrumbs in your WordPress theme. But it is highly recommended to use a theme that supports breadcrumbs by default. For this reason, I have noted some themes that are popular and support breadcrumbs by default. If you are trying to start your business and looking for a theme, then you can go forward with one of them or find one that supports breadcrumbs by default.  

However, if you are already using a theme that doesn’t support the breadcrumbs by default, in this case, I have explained the better solutions so that you can easily implement the breadcrumbs for your site.

What are WordPress breadcrumbs? 

In short, breadcrumbs are a series of navigational links. Sometimes you may also call it a secondary navigation system for any website. So, we can say that breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation system of a website that contains a series of navigational links. 

On most of the websites, you will find it especially if you buy any item online, you will see it clearly. You will find that at the top of the product container, there is a series of navigational links. Basically, this series of navigational links show the complete path of your present position on a particular website.

The series of navigational links is called breadcrumb in web development terms. Please take a look at the following photo and pay attention to the marked area, I hope you have now understood what breadcrumbs are and absolutely it is really well known to you. 

Breadcrumbs Sample
Breadcrumbs Sample

Sometimes, the breadcrumbs navigation term is used to describe the hierarchical navigational menu of a series of links. This navigational menu will help the users to navigate I mean to move forward and backward in the hierarchical links. 

Although the breadcrumbs are called a secondary menu for a website, the default navigational menu and this breadcrumbs navigation menu are not the same. So, they are different from each other and their functionalities in a website are also different. 

Importance of Breadcrumbs 

Before enabling the breadcrumbs on your website, you have to know the importance of breadcrumbs which will encourage you and clarify that you should use breadcrumbs for your own website. 

The main purpose of using the breadcrumbs on a website is to give a great facility to the users so that the users can navigate the whole website easily and it will also provide the current location or position of the users on that site. 

The breadcrumbs will provide the full path of the presence of the users. As a result, the users can easily and quickly move forward or backward at any location. Really, it is absolutely quite easy to navigate with breadcrumbs. 

Now, I want to share another hot news about the benefits of using breadcrumbs on your website. I am sure that after hearing this great advantage, you will never miss enabling breadcrumbs on your website.

Recently, breadcrumbs have a great impact on search engines. Because, by the breadcrumbs, the search engines easily can understand the links hierarchy. 

Nowadays, search engines like google have started to show the breadcrumbs navigational links in the search result. Usually, it is displayed under the title. 

Believe it or not but I believe that it is really a great benefit, especially it helps to increase the click-through rate (CTR). Because it gives more visibility to visitors. 

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How to Enable Breadcrumbs in WordPress

There are a total of two ways to enable breadcrumbs on your website. There are – 

  1. Enable breadcrumbs via a theme 
  2. Enable breadcrumbs via a plugin

Enable breadcrumbs via a theme is a very simple process and for this task, you don’t need to do any extra task. On the other side, enabling breadcrumbs via a plugin is comparatively a little bit difficult. Because in this stage, you have to configure a specific plugin for enabling the breadcrumbs in your website. 

Now let’s discuss these two ways in detail one by one.

Enable Breadcrumbs via a Theme

Once you have decided that breadcrumbs are needed and the right choice for your website, then before starting your theme, I recommend choosing a theme which supports breadcrumbs by default. 

There are a number of themes available in marketplaces that support breadcrumbs by default. If you choose such a theme for your website, then no more action is needed for you to enable breadcrumbs in your website. It will be done automatically.

Now I want to share some names of popular themes that support breadcrumbs by default. Let’s have a look over the list of the names of breadcrumbs supported themes- 

Total – A multipurpose theme

Choices – A portfolio theme

My WordPress – A personal blogging theme

Knowledge Base – A knowledge base WordPress theme.

SmartMag – An online magazine theme.

Flatsome – A popular eCommerce option.

Shopkeeper – Another great online store theme.

In the above, I have just shared some theme names. You can search at google for more results, even you can choose your right theme from ThemeForest or studio press. 

However, this step is just for you if you didn’t choose any theme yet for your website. But if you have already started your theme, then you don’t need to change and move this kind of theme just for breadcrumbs. Because there are more than two options to enable breadcrumbs. 

In this case, just follow one of the below steps to enable breadcrumbs on your website. 

Enable breadcrumbs via a plugin

If you have already started your theme, but now you are feeling the importance of breadcrumbs for your website and want to enable the breadcrumbs right now. In this case, you have to do your job with a plugin. 

There are two most popular plugins which will allow you to enable breadcrumbs in your website easily. They are – 

  1. Enable Breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO plugin 
  2. Enable Breadcrumbs with Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin

Now let’s discuss one by one. 

Enable Breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO plugin 

Enabling breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO plugin is an awesome and easiest way. If you use the Yoast SEO plugin for your website SEO, then breadcrumbs will be an additional and advanced feature for your website. 

However, before starting with Yoast SEO, you have to install and activate the Yoast Plugin on your website first. I hope you have successfully installed and activated the Yoast SEO Plugin on your website. Now let follow the next step.

After activating the plugin, just go to the SEO->Search Appearance page and then click on Breadcrumbs from the top tabs. Now from the Breadcrumbs Setting just enable the breadcrumbs and save it. You can also customize the fields and settings of the breadcrumbs and simply save it. 

Breadcrumbs in WordPress
Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Showing the breadcrumbs in your website

There is a number WordPress theme which by default support Yoast plugin breadcrumbs. To check out it by yourself for your website, you have to visit your website and navigate to different pages. If you can see the breadcrumbs, then it is ok. 

But sometimes, you may not see the output of breadcrumbs in your website by default. In this case, you still have to do some tasks. Don’t be afraid about more tasks. I promise that it is a very simple task. 

Now, simply add the following code snippet in your theme or child theme’s header.php file. After updating the header.php file, I hope your job is done and you will able to see the breadcrumbs on your website. 

if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>');

Enable Breadcrumbs with NavXT Plugin 

If you think that you are not interested in using Yoast SEO plugin for your website or you are using another SEO plugin, so you don’t want to install Yoast SEO, in this case, there is also another solution with another plugin which is known as NavXT Plugin.

Now I am going to discuss the process to enable breadcrumbs with the NavXT plugin. Enabling breadcrumbs with the NavXT plugin is super easy and more flexible. It also contains a number of extra settings. 

Before going to start with this plugin you have to install and active NavXT Plugin first. Then, if you go to the Settings » Breadcrumb NavXT page, you will find the following setting options. 

Navxt Breadcrumbs
NavXT Breadcrumbs

You can keep the default settings as well. Most of the websites keep the default settings. But if you don’t think comfortable with the default settings, you can customize its settings as per your need. 

This plugin has some extra features, you can enable the breadcrumbs at any post type, even custom post type also. For this task, you have to follow the Post Types tab from the top of the plugin page. 

Show Breadcrumbs in Your Website

This plugin requires the customization of your theme. You have to add the following codes in your theme or child theme’s header.php file – 

<div class="breadcrumbs" typeof="BreadcrumbList" vocab="">
if(function_exists('bcn_display')) {

That’s it. You have successfully done your job and now breadcrumbs are enabled in your website. 

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