Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error

Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error is a common error in WordPress. WordPress has introduced a fatal error protection feature in WordPress 5.2. So, experiencing technical difficulties error usually comes from the syntax error in your theme or plugins that is noted as a fatal error showing this message – “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”. 

However, due to this error, you can’t log in to your site in a normal way. But WordPress automatically sends you an email to your admin email address and you can easily access your site’s backend using a link that is shared on the email. So, it is highly recommended that your WordPress site admin email should be correct and active to easily detect the error and fix it. 

What Causes Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error in WordPress

I have already told you that experiencing technical difficulties error generates a fatal error. As a result, it stops the execution of the program. However, there are many causes to generate this error. But in the case of WordPress, the main reason to cause experiencing technical difficulties error is the syntax error caused by the theme or plugin’s codes.

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Fix Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error

Now, it is time to discuss all possible ways to fix the error. There are two possible solutions available to fix this error. I want to discuss both of them. 

Solution-1: Follow WordPress Admin Email Instruction

In the case of experiencing technical difficulties error, WordPress sends an email to your admin email address. If your admin email is correct and active, then you can easily get it. However, the email includes a link that allows you to access your admin dashboard. 

There, the important matter is to be correct in your admin email. Once you get access to your admin dashboard, then follow the instruction provided to you. 

If you find that your admin email address is incorrect or it is not active, somehow you have lost it, then you need to follow the second solution. 

Solution-2: WP Debug Enable and Plugin Deactivation

As the issue generates a fatal error due to syntax error, then it is the best and easiest way to enable the WP Debug so that you can easily understand which file is responsible for this error. 

To enable WP Debug, simply open the wp-config.php file and find the WP Debug line. By default, the WP Debug is false, you just need to make it true. 

wp debug
WP Debug

Sometimes if you find that there is no WP Debug option to enable it. For this reason, you need to paste the following codes in the wp-config.php file that will enable the debugging. 

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
Code language: PHP (php)

Now, refresh your website, consequently, it will show the error file with line number. If you find that the error is coming from an existing plugin, then you need to deactivate the plugin and find a better alternative to the plugin. 

To deactivate any specific plugin, you need to go to the plugins folder. Usually, you will find it from this path- wp-content/plugins. You can access either using an FTP account or cPanel dashboard. Now, select the plugin which is generating the fatal error and rename the plugin something like- akismet_old. 

Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error
Plugin Deactivation

Once you rename the plugin, it will be deactivated automatically. Now refresh your site, I hope the error is gone. 

Finally, I hope you have understood the process and let us know your thoughts by commenting.

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