WordPress Plugin Installation

A WordPress plugin is an extension or app for WordPress that extends its functionalities and features. By default, WordPress comes with the core functionalities and features but you can extend them using the plugins. 

So, after installing and activating the WordPress and WordPress theme, the most important step is to install and activate the plugins. In this article, we will discuss installing and activating the WordPress plugin in the best and easiest way. 

However, thousands of WordPress plugins including free and paid are available online. You can follow the same process to install and activate the free or paid WordPress plugin. The following two methods are the easiest and best ways to install and activate any WordPress plugin-

  • Using WordPress Plugin Search
  • Using the Admin Plugin Upload

Method-1: Using WordPress Plugin Search Option

The best and easiest way of installing a plugin is to use the plugin search. The only limitation of this option is that the plugin must be in the WordPress directory which is restricted to the only free plugins. 

Simply go to Plugins » Add New page inside your WordPress admin area. Now, to find your expected plugin, simply type the name of the plugin on the search field. Suppose I am searching for Duplicate PP plugin. Consequently, you will find the following screen. Now, simply click on the Install Now button. It will take a few seconds to install. Finally, activate it. 

WordPress Plugin
Method-1: Plugin Installing using Plugin Search Option

Method-2: Using the Admin Plugin Upload

Usually, this method is used for paid WordPress plugins. Because the paid plugins are not hosted in the WordPress plugin directory. So, you can use this second method for the paid plugins. 

First, you need to download the plugin for your available source. Now, simply go to the WordPress admin area and visit Plugins » Add New page. Then, click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button on top of the page. See the following screenshot-

Plugin Install
Method-2: Plugin Installing using Plugin Upload Option

Once you click on the Upload Plugin button, you will find a screenshot to choose the downloaded plugin. Simply click on the Choose File button and upload the downloaded plugin from your hard drive. Now, click on the Install Now button. Once the plugin is installed successfully, simply activate it. 

WordPress Plugin Install

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