Update to WordPress 5.6 that is the major update version of WordPress for 2021. You know that every year WordPress releases a major update that comes up with a lot of improvements and new features. Very recently, WordPress has released WordPress 5.6. So, I want to highlight some points of this major update version so that you can understand why should you update to WordPress 5.6. 

Take a backup of your site before updating your site to WordPress 5.6 to avoid any unexpected occurrence. 

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New Default WordPress Theme – Twenty Twenty One

WordPress traditionally releases a default theme each year with its major update. In addition, usually, they pick the name of the theme with the name of the year. For 2021, WordPress 5.6 has come with a beautiful default theme named Twenty Twenty One. 

Twenty Twenty One is a simple, easily customizable, and refreshing theme that provides a canvas for WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress 5.6
Twenty Twenty One WP Theme

It uses a pastel green background color, and two shades of dark grey for text. It also provides an option in customizer to switch easily to Dark Mode. In addition, you can choose a background color from several pastel color schemes or choose your own colors using the color picker. 

Dark Mode

Block Editor Improvements

WordPress 5.6 has come with a great improvement in Gutenberg Block Editor. I have noted them and explained them one by one with screenshots. 

Block Pattern Improvements

In WordPress 5.5, the Pattern in block editor was introduced. In this major update, the Pattern has been improved with a number of new patterns. As a result, you can filter the patterns with categories. You will now find them just under the Pattern tab. 

Improve Block Search

Now the block editor allows developers to store keyword variations that help to find a block easily. As a result, it improves block search functionality. 

Characters in The Information Panel

The information panel now comes with showing characters along with words, paragraphs, and blocks used in your content.

Color Support for The Lists Block

Now you can style the Lists Block with choosing text and background colors. 

Editor Options are Now Called Preferences

By default, the block editor has a settings panel where you can set up the editor to your own liking. In WordPress 5.6, this is now a modal called ‘Preferences’ instead of ‘Options’. Now, this modal is more helpful with descriptions for different items. 

WordPress 5.6

Final Words

So, it is high time to update your WordPress based site to WordPress 5.6. Pick the latest version and taste the new features and performance. 

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